Commercial refrigeration condensing units

Coldflow Refrigeration is a leading American manufacturer of commercial refrigeration and air conditioning products that is committed to perfection and superior quality. Our unrelenting focus on both excellence and creativity in everything we make and do, ensures every customer satisfaction on every level.

We produce a wide range of products that meet varying requirements, including specialized applications in food storage, food processing, and industrial process cooling. We also include evaporator coils, condensing units, heat recovery and air conditioning units. Coldflow promises a superior experience and premiere dedication to quality in every product we manufacture, from the smallest to the largest unit. Our goal is to take the entire refrigeration industry to a whole new level. By going the extra mile in product design, engineering, manufacturing, sales, and our after-market support, we guarantee quality in every delivery.

  • Compact—small units for easy drop-in and replacement.
  • Durable—inner coils constructed of aluminum fins on copper tubes for long life.
  • Quiet and Efficient—ideal for
  • Proven Reliability and Quality—for uninterrupted, trouble-free operation.
  • High Effeciency—Coldflow manufactures one of the highest efficiency units on the market today.
  • Easy Accessibility and Serviceability—all Coldflow units are designed with large electrical terminal boxes and easily accessible refrigeration connections to make installation and service fast and simple.
Commercial refrigeration condensing units

Standard Features:

  • Heavy duty hot dipped galvanized steel base.
  • High-efficiency condenser coils made of copper tube and aluminum fins.
  • Outdoor housing.
  • Dual pressure control on 1/2 HP and larger models.
  • Large pumpdown capacity receivers with fusible plugs.
  • Suction and liquid service valves.

Optional Features:

  • Ambient fan cycling control on dual fan models.
  • Pressure control on smaller models.
  • Crankcase heater.

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These new cooler/freezer units have a temperature range from high end Blast Freezer (-30F) to coolers (50+). Sizes can range from 20’ models to 40’ models. Belan Freezer has selected Cold Flow, equipped with Bristol compressors for their state of the art refrigeration because of their high quality and reliability.

Commercial refrigeration units